Nutritional Health Enhancement Services

Nutritional Health Enhancement offers both Functional and Integrative Nutrition Counseling along with Medical Nutrition Therapy, to provide optimized solutions for your health concerns and individual needs. Tricia assesses your current dietary and lifestyle management choices, including what you eat and how it makes you feel, your sleep and activity habits, stress factors and other contributing challenges. Each visit offers guided nutritional support and learning opportunities to develop the skills needed to reach and maintain your health goals. Tricia identifies imbalances that cause your symptoms, then develops a personalized plan with healing foods, tools, and supplements so you can accomplish your goals and feel your best. Tricia is the only Registered Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist that is also a Certified Clinical Nutritionist in the Raleigh area. The Board Registered Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist training provides traditional comprehensive expertise in Medical Nutrition Therapy while the Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist training provides comprehensive expertise in Integrative and Functional Medicine Nutrition. Tricia has had numerous professional work experiences in nutrition over the past 40 years. She finds the blending of traditional Medical Nutrition Therapy along with Integrative and Functional Medicine Nutrition offers her clients a complementary balance with more tools to assist them to reach their nutritional health goals. Examples of Medical Nutrition Therapy Services and Integrative and Functional Medicine Nutrition Services are listed below.

  • Brain function, memory and focus optimization- addressing diet, lifestyle, stress, sleep, and targeted Integrative and Functional nutrient, herbal and homeopathic support
  • Digestive concerns- like Irritable Bowel, imbalanced intestinal bacteria, Nutrient absorption difficulties, Acid Reflux, using supportive diet, and Integrative testing and supplementation
  • Energy Support- with diet, lifestyle, sleep, stress, and Integrative testing and supplementation
  • Food intolerance and allergy concerns- through dietary management, targeted Integrative and Functional testing and nutrient support
  • Healthful balanced diet for all ages for wellness and to help prevent chronic disease
  • Immune Support- with dietary and lifestyle recommendations, and targeted Integrative and Functional nutrient, herbal and homeopathic considerations
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy- to assist with a variety of medical issues such as; diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, celiac disease, and others (speak to the Nutritionist to see what MNT can do for you).
  • Stress Management Support- using diet, lifestyle, integrative adrenal support and mind/body measures, and assistive integrative nutrient, herbal and homeopathic supplementation
  • Special nutrient and dietary challenges- such as Fructose, lactose, and gluten intolerances
  • Targeted Integrative and Functional Testing- such as Elisa/Act for allergy or food intolerances, Integrative comprehensive stool analysis for bacterial imbalances, omega 3 fatty acid levels for cardiovascular health, mood, hair, skin and nail health, Integrative circadian rhythm testing as related to adrenal stress, sleep and energy issues, among others
  • Targeted Integrative and Functional Nutrient, Herbal and Homeopathic Supplementation
  • Weight Management- addressing diet, activity, appetite hormone support, Weight loss Resistance, and effective skill building to reach and maintain weight goals