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I have been seeing Pat for 3 years about dietary improvements & general health & prevention of diseases for long productive life. She is a very knowledgeable nutritionist, as I have talked with a few over the past 10 years. Her care & concern for you is great. She loves helping people get better, start or maintain good habits. She shares lots of personnel stories & always encourages you to be very disciplined in your eating & exercising habits. She has a unique machine that senses nutrient deficiencies in your body and recommends foods or supplements to benefit your health. She has vast experience over 30 years doing this type of work. She writes down plans for you to work on & follow through for health benefits. She does Holistic type & Homeopathic regiments. She can review your blood work or other doctoral type information for extra insight about what might be going on with you. Her place is easy to find off of a main road in Raleigh. I have heard many success about her patients & have been successful in improving a healthier lifestyle for myself. Thanks Pat for the great help!

Vaughn L. |Wake Forest, NC

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I was looking for the help of a nutritionist and working with Patricia Beasley has been a wonderful experience. After the fist meeting she had me on the right track to losing weight. I am grateful for her help and if you are looking for someone with years of experience and recommendations for getting healthy and losing weight then Nutritional Health Enhancement is the best nutritionist for you.

Seth Thompson

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Helpful as long as on is truthful about their diet and related activities. As I have been candid, there has been no judgement, simply kind guidance towards better choices and actions.

Michael McDow

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Patricia Beasley was very helpful in developing better eating habits and helping me understand good choices in food. She is a very qualified and experienced nutritionist and I would recommend her to anyone looking to develop a healthier lifestyle.

Mark Colebank

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My nutritionist has helped me understand which foods and nutrients are important in preventing disease, feeling well, and losing/maintaining weight. She customized a plan for me that included a healthy diet, exercise, and stress reduction. Since working with her, I have been able to lose weight and feel healthier.


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